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The most important rugby betting rules

The most important rugby betting rules

In this rugby betting review we have decided to dedicate a whole section to the most important and characteristic markets of this sport. Knowing the markets is essential if you want to increase the odds of winning your bet. In the following paragraphs you will find explained the 4 main types of bets on rugby, accompanied also by examples and tips.

Winner 1X2

This is the most common market and is also present in almost all listed sports. It involves predicting the outcome of the match between the two teams. Unlike sports such as basketball, in rugby (be it union or league) the possibility of a draw between the two teams is contemplated. However, since the final scores are high, the odds for X are usually very substantial and are around 20.00-25.00.


Experienced bettors are familiar with this market and know that it is applied in its variants to many sports. It involves betting on the winning team, but with an initial disadvantage, which is usually in the order of -3 or -6 points. The bet will then be won if the team predicted wins the match with an advantage greater than that represented by the handicap.

First Realisation

The First Realisation market requires the bettor to predict which team will score the first points of the match and how this will happen. The odds are therefore Goals, Place Kick and Drop, for both home and away teams. The possibility of no points being scored is also considered, although 0-0 is a very rare result in rugby.

Example: Let’s take a Super Rugby match between Hurricanes and Chiefs as an example. If we bet on a home team try at 3.20, our bet will only win if the Hurricanes score first through a try. Should the Hurricanes take the lead with a try or a drop, or should the Chiefs score first, the bet will be lost.

Usage: This is a market that should be played after careful consultation with the statistics. It’s important to know the attitudes of the two teams, which one is the stronger team and how they perform in certain areas of the field. For example, the Chiefs prefer to take a direct kick at goal, so betting on the Place Kick market for the visitors could pay off.

Last goal

Betting on the Last Goals market is betting on which of the two teams in the match will score last through a goal action. Points scored from drops, which are more common in the latter part of matches, do not count. The odds for this type of market tend to be good.

Live rugby betting and streaming

One of the most exciting things you can experience is live rugby betting. The intensity of rugby matches is transmitted to the bettor who follows the event live, trying to work out who will score the next try or how the next scrum will be resolved. To make it even more exciting, some of the best operators in the market with license offer numerous events of this sport even in live television streaming on their site.

All you need to do is look at the daily video schedule and have an active account with money already in it or a bet placed within 24 hours before the match. Even bookmakers who do not offer streaming services are generally very well prepared for live rugby betting and provide live animated graphics, along with useful statistical data, to help you follow the matches. In short, rugby is one of the best sports to bet live on.

The most attractive promotions dedicated to the oval ball

For all bettors, having bonuses and promotions dedicated to their favourite sport is a condition that can lead online players to prefer one online rugby betting site to another. Operators with licence usually have their hands full during the 6 Nations, a tournament in which the national team has participated since 2000 and which is therefore the most popular rugby competition in our country.

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