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Volunteer Positions 

Exhibit site (Evinrude Center)

The exhibit site team will be responsible for preparing the Exhibit Site for the exhibitors. This team will assist with set up (transporting projects to the correct floor locations); assisting exhibitors while they set up and take down; locating signage; providing security; assisting with packaging and storage. The team plays an important role at the event, as the Exhibit Site is key to the success of the fair. Some heavy lifting may be required.


The hospitality team members are the face of the fair. They put on a smile to greet participants at the airport, at the train station and at Trent University. They smile when handling luggage. Smile at the information bureau. They will also help with the set up of the accommodations and all meeting rooms during the fair. An important aspect of Hospitality is Participants Communications. This fair exists for the students, it is important that we are constantly monitoring their feedback to ensure they receive a well rounded and memorable experience. 

Special Events:

The Special Events Team will be involved in the planning and the executing social events during the fair. The volunteers will ensure that these events are exciting, organized and fun. These and the closing Banquet at the Evinrude Center.           

Registration and Judges Support:

This team provides logistical and technical support for the Judges and the Communications team. They will be responsible for Lost and Found, Messaging and Fair Information and Translation Services. This team is also responsible for participant registration, registration of Judges, as well as the Daily News letter. The opportunities for members of this team are great and varied.


The operations team is made up of volunteers who are involved in nearly every aspect of the fair. They may be involved in security, special events operations and many other areas of the event. This team is perfect for those volunteers who like to be kept busy and are comfortable working together as a team to accomplish a common goal. Some heavy lifting may be required.


This team must have excellent writing skills in English or in French. You will be asked to be up early for breakfast to distribute the fair news letter. You may be asked to support the media visitors.
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