Darts betting tips: how to hit the target

Darts betting tips: how to hit the target

Now that we’ve learned more about the best darts betting sites, it’s time to focus our attention on the game and the strategies to adopt. Of course, there are no magic formulas that can guarantee a win. Certainly, however, for sports that are not so popular in our country, a few “tricks” help: here are some betting tips for darts tournaments.

Top 5 darts bookmakers for 2021 betting tips 

  • Eurobet. 
  • William Hill. 
  • GoldBet.
  • Digital Game. 
  • William Hill.

The preliminary rounds of darts tournaments are not very balanced: go for the handicap markets.

In the most balanced matches, bet on the Under/Over number of sets.

Study the rules and formats of the tournaments you want to bet on carefully.

As in tennis betting, the favourites rarely miss out on victory.

Place your bets on the sport’s big names, but on more “sideways” markets such as “Most 180s”.

The reigning world champion Peter Wright is a certainty: choose him for your bets.

As we never tire of repeating, the most important and profitable strategy is to study the subject you want to bet on. Specifically, knowing the rules of the various darts tournaments will allow us to diversify our bets, choose those with the best payouts and bet more rationally, hopefully increasing our chances of winning, thanks to a winning budget management strategy.

Bits of history from the world of darts

At this point we know almost everything we need to know about betting on darts. It is now time to immerse ourselves in the atmosphere of the sport and imagine ourselves in some Sussex pub, in front of a dartboard with three darts in hand. In the following blue boxes we will tell three stories, curiosities and darts characters to get into the mood of the sport.

There are promos and offers dedicated to darts

Betting is a pleasure and if you can also receive bonuses and promotions with which to replenish your winnings it becomes even more interesting. All of the darts betting sites mentioned on this page offer great deals, starting with generous welcome bonuses and continuing with promotions for specific sports.

Betting on darts is a complete experience

We have come to the end of this long review of darts betting sites. To conclude we would like to make a few final remarks about what we have written so far. Thanks to the English bookmakers, we have seen a certain growth in online betting on darts in recent years, to which our bookies have also adapted. The offer is definitely adequate: many tournaments, many markets and above all higher payouts than the average of other sports. Perhaps we can expect a little more in the future in terms of bonuses and live streaming. Betting on darts is in fact a complete experience.

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