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The mission of the 2010 Canada-Wide Science Fair Host Committee is to encourage and support learning in science and technology among the young scientists of Canada,and to provide an exceptional learning experience that contributes to the personal and academic development of delegates from across the nation.

Our committee is committed to:

• Providing a quality education and life experience for participants

• Celebrating and sharing the joys of scientific exploration, discovery and achievement

• Raising the awareness of science as a catalyst of progressive change

• Bringing ideas, dreams and cultures together in harmony and mutual respect

• Promoting an ethos of sustainable development and personal responsibility for environmental stewardship, particularly around the international themes of Water and Water Quality

• Celebrating and sharing experiences and achievements

• Creating a safe, fun and welcoming environment for visitors from across Canada

• Sharing the diversity of the Peterborough and Kawartha region

• Building partnerships in the community to welcome delegates from every province and the territory

• Collaborating with the Youth Science Foundation and the National Science Fair Committee to ensure the goals of the fair are met

• Promoting the Science Fair movement within the community and beyond

• Inspiring the youth of Canada to realize their fullest potential ...

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