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An Invitation to Judge

             “To inspire and be inspired.”

Judging is at the heart of the Canada-Wide Science Fair. 
It is the moment …
... when as many as 500 finalists from every corner of the country have that special opportunity to showcase their research projects to those men and women (the judges) who lend their expertise, experience, and enthusiasm to give each project the informed and impartial consideration that it richly deserves.
For both students and judges, the moment is inspirational.
Judging itself takes place over two days at the Evinrude Centre in Peterborough, Ontario:
Tuesday, May 18, 2010          Division and Special Awards
Wednesday, May 19, 2010     Interdisciplinary Awards
The nine divisions on the first day are 1) Automotive, 2) Biotechnology & Pharmaceuticals, 3) Computing & Information Technology, 4) Earth & Environmental Sciences, 5) Engineering, 6) Environmental Innovation, 7) Health Sciences, 8) Life Sciences, and 9) Physical & Mathematical Sciences. The interdisciplinary awards on the second day are self-nominated and encourage research which crosses the traditional boundaries of science and technology.
To volunteer as a judge over one or both days (and we need as many as 500 judges!), please forward your name, contact number, and email address to:
The registration process is then administered by Youth Science Canada ( Although experience as a judge is not necessary, you will find that your commitment to the brightest young minds in Canada is both greatly appreciated and deeply rewarding.
Brian G. Patrick, PhD MBA
Chief Judge
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